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After summer treat your skin wisely

By | 05/10/2021| 0 Comments

5 tips to regenerate the beauty of your skin

The summer season is a time of relaxation, fun and we allow ourselves to get out of the routine … we travel, we go for a walk, we share with those who we have not seen for so long. The magical encounter with the sea, that vital space that fills us so much … All this and much more represents the wonders of summer. However, as life is a cycle, autumn is on the horizon and with it, the care to restore our skin to ideal conditions. We refer to adequate hydration, facial exfoliation and nutrition to show off a juicy, radiant and balanced face, the desire of all!

The sun, the chemicals in the pools and the salt water, with inadequate protection, are factors of weight against the health of our skin. In addition, when on vacation, many times we put the facial routine aside, and all this has its consequences, but the good news is that you will be able to regain the freshness of your skin, and the sooner you resume its care, the better results you will obtain. It is important not to lose sight of doing a gentle facial exfoliation because it is the beginning of the recovery of the skin.

Likewise, it is necessary to know what are the specific ingredients that help cell regeneration such as niacinamide (vitamin B3) that reinforces the enzymes responsible for repairing the skin, as well as cannabis sativa oil and CBD, which provide hydration and they are antioxidants. Vegan hyaluronic acid helps us tone the skin, and ferulic acid is ideal for treating blemishes (very appropriate after the summer).

5 Tips for your post-summer care:

  1. Visit your cosmetologist for a skin cleansing. If you do not want to visit, we recommend that you do a gentle facial exfoliation to remove dead cells and clean the pores. In this way, when applying the care of your facial routine, the skin will be in optimal condition to receive all the nutrients from your beauty products.
  2. Make your facial care routine: cleaning, nutrition and hydration (day and night).
  3. Use sunscreen with SPF50, even when you stay at home (for the light of the computer and the mobile).
  4. Hydrate well; drink at least 8 glasses of water and / or infusions, a day.
  5. Get enough rest to recover. Minimum 7 hours of sleep for your body to regain its balance and cells to regenerate.

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