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Are you already a part of the anti-ageing lifestyle?

By | 01/09/2021| 0 Comments

Ageing is one of mankind’s greatest concerns. We want to feel and look young, to be full of energy and to eat the world. While ageing cannot be prevented, it can be slowed down with a healthy lifestyle and anti-ageing treatments for your body and skin.

Each passing decade brings with it a variety of consequences, such as skin that is a little duller and drier; the first expression lines begin to appear. We may also have a few extra kilos, because it requires more cardiovascular work to maintain the ideal weight. Here we are going to give you some tips that will help you to take precautions in time.

Anti-ageing care

Anti-ageing suggestions, from multiple research studies published in the media specialised in preventive and anti-ageing medicine, are valuable tips that guide and motivate us to lead a healthy life, which means eating well, exercising, opting for preventive and anti-ageing medicine, enjoying a restful rest and regular recreation, taking care of our social relationships and looking after our skin. Translated with (free version)

Anti-ageing nutrition

The body needs a diet rich in foods that help neutralise free radicals. For this reason we should consume fresh fruit and vegetables daily because antioxidants are mainly found in these foods, and avoid ultra-processed foods. 

Refined oils and sugar are foods that should be consumed in moderation, as consuming too much of them can damage the body and accelerate ageing. We recommend using extra virgin olive oil in your meals and, as a substitute for refined sugar, cinnamon or date paste.

Remember to consume adequate protein in balance with the other macronutrients. Good quality fat (olive oil, avocado, peanut butter, etc.) and carbohydrates are necessary for a balanced diet. 

If you want to know more healthy eating tips and recipes we suggest you visit this link.

Physical exercise

Physical exercise is that recommendation that is never missing when we listen to doctors giving us advice on how to live longer and better. Physical activity should be practised at least three times a week for about an hour each day. It is important to keep our bodies moving, especially if our work is sedentary. 

We recommend incorporating cardiovascular exercise – from walking to high-intensity exercise – into your routine. We also suggest strength exercises for muscle building and maintenance, which translates into health and youthfulness. 

Remember to start with a warm-up and finish with a good stretch to avoid straining ligaments and muscles.

Preventive and anti-ageing medicine

Anti-ageing medicine has developed different therapies with trace elements and vitamins to nourish the body’s cells, and of course, including skin care in order to keep it protected from environmental pollutants and with adequate levels of hydration and elasticity. If you want to delve deeper into the benefits of anti-ageing medicine we recommend you visit Dr. Juan Carlos Méndez’s account @doctorantivejez.

Dr. Juan Carlos Méndez @doctorantivejez.

That is why we recommend preventive medicine in order to be healthier and not wait for an illness to appear before taking care of ourselves. Our organism deserves this attention and, over the years, we will see that it has been the best investment we could have made, because everything we want to achieve depends, to a large extent, on the health with which we can face the challenges that life puts in front of us.

Restorative rest and recreation

Although everyone has different needs, doctors recommend sleeping between six and eight hours a day. Often, because we are overwhelmed by various occupations, we forget the time our organism needs to carry out its restorative functions while we sleep. 

It is also very beneficial to take advantage of days off for recreation in natural environments, which is a great step towards good health. In natural spaces we breathe fresh air and, by being in contact with nature, our mind relaxes from the daily hustle and bustle to which we are often subjected by an excess of information.  

Social relations

We are social beings by nature. That is why relationships between family members, partners, friends and work colleagues are so significant for our development and performance. Appreciating and valuing the importance of human relationships and, based on this recognition, cultivating them, is a daily task.

On the other hand, toxic relationships can exist in any sphere and at any moment of our existence, and it is good for our health to recognise them and try to be strengthened with our values and principles to face them and make decisions about them. To achieve this, the first step is to know ourselves very well and to define what we want in our life and with what kind of people we want to share it. 

Obviously, this is easy to write but not to do, but simply trying to do it every day will lead us to be more focused on our life goals.

Skin care

It is highly recommended to get into the habit of reading the labels of the cosmetic products we choose, because the skin is the largest organ of our body and what passes through it affects, for better or worse, our body system.

Among many anti-ageing recommendations, dermatologists insist on the daily use of sunscreen – even when we stay at home – on exposed areas, with an appropriate SPF according to the intensity of the sun’s rays (depending on the season) and the time of exposure. 

Likewise, having a routine of cleansing and moisturising our face and body is essential to keep our skin in good condition. These are very important habits and the sooner we implement them, the better results we will obtain. In this way, we prevent the premature appearance of expression lines that can arise from the effects of dryness, wind and the adverse effects of the sun.

On the other hand, it is convenient to know that the skin of the face has different characteristics, which is why there are specific products for each area to be treated, and also depending on the effect you want to achieve. The ideal is to maintain a morning and evening routine that includes at least cleansing and moisturising.

As we have seen, good health requires attention to different aspects of our lives. For this, it is important to have a balance not only in the management of our emotions and relationships with others (partner, family, friends, etc.) but also in our diet, in the organisation of our time for work and the necessary rest and relaxation. Join the anti-ageing lifestyle!

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