Hello! We are Maru and Desirée, mother and daughter and creators of Savia Cosmetics.
We have embarked on an inspiring and exciting journey that has led us to discover true beauty – come and discover it with us!


I am the eternal student. I really enjoy learning new things and, along the way, the world of natural cosmetics caught my attention when I learned about its infinite benefits. I am empathetic and I like to help others. I love 70’s and 80’s music, dancing, meditating, hiking and appreciating nature… I’m a tree hugger. I also enjoy watching movies inspired by real life. I consider myself jovial, optimistic and a bit absent-minded; I have a good sense of humour and laugh at myself to no end. I don’t consider myself to be very stubborn, although those who live with me think otherwise… Oops!


I am Executive Chef… of my home kitchen. Cooking has always been one of my passions. The encounter with natural cosmetics was a love affair that happened when I decided to make my own products by inventing recipes and making them at home. I love animals (I love my cat Killah), the beach is my lifeblood, I like listening to reggae music and training in contact with nature. I know I’m a bit bossy, just a bit… but, I don’t know why in my family they call me “La Generala”.

Why do we produce cosmetics with cannabis?

There are many reasons to produce cosmetics with cannabis. Hemp oil and CBD are considered to be among the most powerful antioxidants because they prevent cell ageing.

What are the benefits of these ingredients on your skin?

Cannabis oil delays the appearance of wrinkles and, due to its high content of omega 3 and 6, helps maintain hydration, nourishes, repairs and regulates oil production.

CBD is a molecule that helps to reduce inflammation and, as an antioxidant, protects the skin from environmental pollution. It promotes skin balance and regeneration.

How does it work?

In our body we have an endocannabinoid system comprising a series of receptors “locks” and, on the other hand, their corresponding “keys” that fit inside these locks, thus regulating many processes. In the skin, specifically, they contribute to homeostasis, skin protection and the balance of the sebaceous glands.

The phytocannabinoids present in Cannabis are the “copies of the keys” that fit into the “locks” of our endocannabinoid system. This is why by using cannabis cosmetics we actively promote it.

Savia Cosmetics

Savia is inspired by the richness and benefits of rainforest seeds and fruits, combined with CBD, to create natural and sustainable cosmetics, with organic and vegan ingredients, oriented to give you real and visible results.

In our beginnings we made recipes of handmade cosmetics, with natural ingredients, for our personal use, and it was a really fascinating experience, which motivated us to think about producing at another level, so that many people could benefit from natural cosmetics with CBD.

That’s why we decided to combine tropical fruit ingredients with CBD and bring those benefits to you to take care of your skin in a healthy way. Each active ingredient has been selected to bring you a product that you can identify with because we stand for authentic beauty, zero stereotypes, and healthy and sustainable care for the planet.

Our values define us...

Transparency – Quality – Health – Honesty – Freedom – Respect – Happiness – Generosity – Sustainability.

We are committed to offering you natural cosmetic products with organic and vegan ingredients so that, once and for all, you will notice the changes your skin needs.

The list of ingredients is our best reference, as it shows the careful selection of active ingredients that we have chosen and combined in ideal proportions to notice changes in our skin.

The combination of technology and nature is always a safe bet and is our star combination.

We want to give you moments of happiness through the use of our products, not only because the experience of applying them makes you feel good, but also because of the results you will obtain by using them continuously.

The defence of animals is our priority. We reject any kind of animal abuse, or the use of animal ingredients in our formulas.

We respect the environment and are committed to having as little impact as possible. For this reason, we have opted for reusable glass packaging and recycled and recyclable cardboard from controlled forests and vegetable-based inks.

This commitment to the Earth will grow with new proposals and alliances, in order to be increasingly sustainable.

What is genuine beauty?

For us, this is a very important concept and the basis of our philosophy.

Authentic beauty is that which is naturally present in you, that which includes taking care of your health, a healthy self-esteem and your positive attitude towards life. That beauty that makes you unique and unrepeatable. It is that self-love that makes you give the best of yourself. It is beauty far from perfection or stereotypes. It is naturalness and authenticity in its purest form. Savia Cosmetics will help you to take care of yourself, enhancing the best version of your skin. We want you to feel free, confident and secure, so you can eat the world!

True beauty is: Self-care – Healthy self-esteem – Positive attitude.


Savia is authentic beauty and nature.

Clear as the water of the river that flows through the rainforest, generous as the earth that gives its vitality to create a small seed, sustainable with the environment, free to combine the tropical fruits with CBD, honest to add them in the proportions that are right for you, to bring you health, confidence and well-being.